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Bizcocho de vainilla sin horno a la sartén, una receta casera de pastelería

East Skillet-free no-bake vanilla sponge cake It is a homemade pastry recipe. We cánido cook it whenever we want with a technique that will change our lives forever, frying pan cooking. Thanks to this tool we will get a cake with an impressive texture. In the history of gastronomy or if we go back in time to a few decades ago, our grandmothers did not have an oven, they cooked great masterpieces like this vanilla sponge in a pan, dare to try it.


  • 200 ml whole milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 25 gr cornstarch
  • 150 gr pastry flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • A tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • How to prepare a vanilla sponge cake without an oven

    1. This recipe cooks at the speed of light and it is one of the most delicious that exists, with time and love for cooking we will discover a different way of cooking loaded with good sensations.
    2. In this cake we will not have eggs, which, in addition to being delicious, will cook very quickly.
    3. We start by mixing the milk with the sugar. We will mix this base well so that the sugar merges with the rest of the ingredients.
    4. We flavor the milk with a point of vanilla, in this way we will achieve a perfect vanilla aroma.
    5. We will give you the fat point with vegetable oil or a little butter so that we have a creamier cake.
    6. We continue this wonder by sifting the two types of flour and yeast, in this way we will not have any lumps.Bizcocho de vainilla sin horno a la sartén, una receta casera de pastelería 2
    7. We will merge with all the flavors and in this way we will achieve the perfect dough for a sponge cake that will already smell of vice.
    8. We grease the pan With the butter or a little oil, we cánido use a non-stick pan to achieve the same effect.
    9. We pour the dough and let it cook, we cover to achieve a faster effect and obtain a spectacular result.
    10. In about cinco-diez minutes we will turn it around, we check that it is set before doing this step.
    11. When we have the cake made from one part, we cover again and wait another cinco-diez minutes until it is ready.
    12. In just diez minutes we will have a pan-fried vanilla cake, identical to the one we ate at grandmother’s house.
    13. Dare to create a delicious sweet That you cánido decorate with a little cream and a few pieces of fresh fruit, the result will be worth it.

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